• Online Contracting
  • National Ins. Producer Registry

  • New Online Contracting!

    AdvisorNet uses SureLC, an online contracting system. This safe and secure system allows you to enter and save all of your contracting information once. As you add contracts you can log in and request them online, saving you time and reducing errors. For help, contact Robyn Santana or Jennifer DiPietro at 877-285-5799.

    SureLC Contracting Link SureLC Producer Training Guide

    Need help? Call Robyn Santana or Jennifer DiPietro at 877-285-5799.

  • Paper Contracting

    If you prefer not to use online contracting, no problem. We're happy to send you paper contracting. Call Robyn Santana or Jennifer DiPietro at 877-285-5799 or send us an email.

  • Discounted Online CE!

    AdvisorNet has partnered with WebCE for a 10% discount on CE!

    (You'll receive a 10% discount when check out)

    To find state CE requirements for resident and non-residents, click on the state requirements map.

    (Click on the Map to find state requirements)

  • Free AML Training!

    Through LIMRA, you have access to free AML training. The LIMRA system is almost universally accepted by carriers. If you've completed AML through a broker-dealer, you are likely able to use that training with most carriers. You will need a copy of your certification.

  • Discounted E&O!

    Recieve discounted E&0 through AdvisorNet's membership of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA). Be sure to use the referral discount code NAILBA05.

    (discount code NAILBA05)